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HRH Oba Olomu Buari Sulaimon was a direct descendant of HRH Oba Olomu Oyelegbin who was also a direct descendant of the great father of Omupo royalty, HRH Oba Olomu Ladubo.

He ascended the throne of his forefathers in 1939. His first and immediate priority was to rebuild and change the entrance to the palace to the present location. He beautified the frontage of the palace with the Traditional African Art work poles, which made the palace the centre of attractions to visitors.

He also stopped the habit of carrying roofing grass materials to Ilorin by Omupo indigenes. He felt it was another way of using his subjects as slaves. The foundation of the first school in Omupo was laid by him. An erudite Islamic scholar, he was a well respected Imam before he ascended the throne. He was able to convert his Traditional Chiefs from their traditional worship.